Frequently Asked Questions

Social Travesting is the hallmark of the CopyCash Platform. CopyCash offers a social trading and investing platform that empowers everyone who wishes to profit in the forex and cryptocurrency markets via a transparent and genuine ecosystem built on blockchain technology.

CopyCash aims to address the issue of fraud in social trading platforms. Utilising blockchain technology, CopyCash is able to provide a decentralized, transparent and secured social trading and copytrading platform. Expert traders are verified on blockchain and trading signals are made public. The platform is also governed by a dedicated system of smart contracts.

Apart from social trading and copytrading, the CopyCash platform also provides knowledge-based information, news feeds, trends, insights and market analysis. Professional traders, amateurs and beginners alike can benefit from this wealth of information.

CopyCashCoin (“CCC”) is a utility token that serves as a mechanism for payment in the CopyCash ecosystem. You can use CCC as a commission for top traders from profits generated by copytrading, donate to motivate top traders to share information, trading strategies, knowledge etc, or reward affiliates who bring new users to the platform. CCC also serves as a source of crowd funding to run a group within the CopyCash social network.

You can purchase CCC with ETH. Transfer ETH to CopyCash from your ETH wallet to the CopyCash ETH address in our website. If you do not have a ETH wallet, we recommend MyEtherWallet.

Please do not send ETH from your exchange accounts as these accounts do not provide you with a private key.

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Register a CopyCash account via our website. Login and link your ETH wallet address to your CopyCash account and we will credit the CCC to your account.

CCC will be sent to your ETH wallet after the lock-in period. You can then check the CCC balance by adding the token to your ETH wallet.

6 months from date of listing on exchange.

Yes, you can transfer CCC to another CopyCash account during the lock-in period.