With SOCIAL TRAVESTING as the invaluable underlying asset, CopyCashCoin (“CCC”) will bring a new wave in the cryptocurrency market! CCC is a utility token deployed on the blockchain. It serves as a payment mechanism in the CopyCash ecosystem as investors trade and profit in the financial markets by copytrading top traders!

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CopyCashCoin (CCC) serves as a mechanism for payment in the CopyCash ecosystem.



CCC is used as a commission for top traders from profits generated by copytrading. CCC is based on the profit. No CCC is required if there is no profit gained.



CCC can also be used as a way to donate in order to motivate top traders to share information, trading strategies, knowledge, etc. This could include articles, videos and live streaming generated within the CopyCash social network.


Group funds

CCC also serves as a source of crowd funding to run a group within the CopyCash social network.


Brokerage fee

CCC is also used to reward affiliates who bring new users to the platform.

CCC will be listed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. The official name of the token is 'CopyCashCoin' with the acronym ‘CCC’.